Conference on individual pupil mobility and recognition of its learning outcomes


1st Conference on IPM & Recognition of its learning outcomes in Mechelen, Belgium during the EU Belgian Presidency of the EU, within the framework of the Construct Europe Festival! The Conference was organized by the European Federation for Intercultural Learning and the partners of the ETAR- Empowering Teachers for Automatic Recognition project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme.

Within the process of evaluation of the European Education Area implementation, and during the negotiations on the Council recommendation on a learning mobility framework, it was the perfect moment to bring together stakeholders of individual pupil mobility to ensure coordination of actions at national and European level to advance the promotion of this specific programme together with the recognition of its unique learning outcomes!

You can find an overview of the conference sessions, as well as speaker’s and workshop presentations below!



Session 1

The European Education Area and Europe on the Move: progress made so far in individual pupil mobility (IPM)

Session 2

The experience of training teachers at local level on internationalisation through IPM and recognition of its learning outcomes

Session 4

The voice of pupils, teachers, and school heads

Session 5

How can EU policy and programmes foster the promotion of IPM?


Session 6

Stakeholder & Knowledge Hubs on IPM and Recognition of its learning outcomes – Building a national hub: facilitated workshops in country groups


  1. Remembrance Education in Practice, at Dossin Kazerne.
  2. How to navigate in a globalised world and super-diverse society? (and how to teach it to others), by Caroline Steyaert – Director of AFS Low Lands and Global Competence qualified facilitator.
  3. Us versus Them: How to deal with polarisation and how to teach others to deal with sensitive topics and heated discussions?, by Chris Wyns – polarisation strategist and educator with expertise in polarisation and dealing with moral dilemmas, diversity and connection at the Hannah Arendt Institute
  4. The inspiring mosaic of Atheneum Pitzemburg. Different actions, different target groups, different networks – one internationalisation story for active global citizens!, by Steven Van der Taelen – GO! Busleyden Atheneum Pitzemburg.